A Knight's Repentance

A Knight, armour stained,
Sitting amongst the dewy grove.
His face a dark complexion,
For wrongs done, feelings so cold.
Harshest is the night when the heart is trodden upon,
Every breath an agony.
But prithee, Sire, lonely charge,
Raise thy noble head.
For the dawn doth beckon at the mountains peek.
Hope to hold on to
And wisdom to seek.

Blaze of Glory

The Sun’s brilliance.

Heat radiating through beads of perspiration,
Skin under fire.

A momentary wind – refreshing solace;
Waves crashing in a decadence of noise.

Hunger arisen through thirst’s presence,
Sensations shifting in pure simplicity.

Sand entrenched castles fall in bitter inevitability,
Under siege.

Children’s laughter
In the beauty of chaos.

Overwhelming magnificence.

The Coming Storm

The young squire struck a chord on his citole,
Gazing up at the Knight’s lamenting form.
A storm approached, dark and menacing,
Echoing the nobleman’s visage.
For days they had wandered the treacherous land,
Seeking yet not knowing.
Horses bereft of direction,
Confusion abounds.
Approaching a secluded marsh
The two wanderers lay down to rest.
Clouds of fury begin their sudden deluge,
Rain hiding the tears.
Sparing a glance, the squire knows
Beneath his helmet his Lord keeps close vigil.
Body devoid of feeling, not a stir,
For he is thinking of her.

Gazing on the Battlements

Far across the land
Gazed the eyes of the princess fair.
Standing on the battlements of duty,
She espied the storm’s clouds in the distance.
The rains had passed,
As the malady remained.
There she sat on the wings of fortitude.
Graciously the winds of calm,
Made known their presence.
For the golden Sun of the dawn
Cast its rays upon the Kingdom of peace.
Still, a specter lay still in her heart.
Clutching her gown of white,
Gone was her valiant Knight.


Rich nobles and landowners,
Kings and princes,
Fair ladies from the farthest lands.
A royal call for all to witness,
Courage, battle, victory with raised hands!
Armoured warriors on horseback,
Swinging swords of steel.
Horsemanship, accuracy and combat,
A great feast, there be the heartiest of meals!
Formality abounds,
Brutality wed with grace.
Ah, but to sing the songs of praises
Brings cheer to those who clutch the mace.
Glory, sweet glory will await
The few who ride true.
Those gallant knights they must oust,
We welcome you to the Royal Joust!

Die ac nocte

Like a distant sea breeze,
It strikes my brow.
Ever growing nostalgia.
The Sun’s radiance, a golden sheen.
Like her love,
Eternally bright, my heart aglow.
Effervescent euphoria.

The oncoming night
Brings a resounding sigh.
Far too empty.
Quiet day, echoes of a lonely voice.
Longing touch, sweet embrace.
A new day to come.

Anticipation, a heart’s beat,
Two lovers again shall meet.

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