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Green Technology

Eco-conscious living one app at a time

Environmentally friendly purchases should increase with a growing number of “Green” apps in 2015

THE evolution of useful and meaningful mobile apps for the general populace to indulge in has been unwavering since they were first introduced in 2008. An abundant collection of touch-friendly applications have helped people in various ways, from checking e-mails and bus schedules to social media gratification and gaming. Over time, more and more distinctive apps have begun to be developed that help mankind in rather unique ways.
     Take the creation of the newest wave of “green” apps designed to reverse the negative aspects of human activity on the environment. They are conveniently aimed at the average, eco-friendly individual that will greatly assist consumers in the improvement of their lives, while also minimising their carbon footprints. For example, Think Dirty is an app any cosmetics savvy can use in their local beauty aisle or store to compare different products, particularly in the ingredients they use. One simply needs to scan a product’s bar code to find out whether it contains any neurotoxins, carcinogens or hormone disruptors.
     iRecycle can also be included among the apps of sound functionality. It lets the user know where to properly dispose of essentially any household item, whether it be electronics, household or construction. With a cache of more than 1.6m ways to recycle over 350 materials, it is bound to attract a wide range of users who want to find a quick way to get rid of their old summer gas grills and other defunct items.
     Another incredibly practical app is Food Tripping, which uses GPS to help people find local farmer’s markets, juice bars, healthy cafes, microbreweries and more when you are travelling. A collaboration from and Ford Motor Company, it is committed to helping the community of conscious consumers. Food Tripping has a fun, easy-to-use interface with a growing database of healthy food markets and eateries that is a more sensible alternative to the fast food establishments that litter the highways. It is another example of an innovative application that stresses the exposure of sustainable food options and businesses that are also local. has been steadily pushing their creation by establishing a growing hub of consumers who can share and suggest the places they discover with friends through Facebook and Twitter – thus promoting itself through popular use. These are all steps in the right direction for green technology.
     All three of these applications demonstrate the forward thinking solutions that some companies and independent developers are creating in order to give people options that are consumer-friendly, affordable and simple to use. More than that, their use and popularity can be spread relatively easy with their careful balance of services that give users more control of their self-improvement and assisting nature at the same time.
     Shopping with knowledge and confidence, while also consciously helping the environment and an individual’s well-being is a trend that has been gaining ground for some time now. What was once fashionable – eating organic produce and avoiding certain animal-tested products, among other consumer choices – is slowly but surely on the rise as the early 21st century slowly marches on. Old, self-defeating habits, such as smoking and not eating healthy, are becoming less commonplace today. With the innovations in green technology and their subsequent emergence in mainstream consumption, one can only hope that expensive solar panels and electric cars will not be the only saviours to mankind’s penchant for creating waste.


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