Saturday, 5 April 2014

The Traveler's Ruminations - Time

Guest Blogger: The Traveler

Children and technology. A curious combination this is. Guided by some strange and yet natural desire for this interaction, they find the greatest delight in electronic stimulation – digital images that excite the mind and confound our perceptions. Its use varies significantly and arguments choose both sides to defend with reasoned explanations and passion. Though distracting video games, cellular phones and other digital platforms may be, time use has been made more efficient in many ways through technology.

Businesses revolve around the central philosophy that time is money. Indeed, such a statement carries much weight in this world. Efficiency and utilization of every waking moment is an optimum desire striven by myself and many others. But to what end? We rise in the mornings, add sustenance to our growing, yet aging bodies, and always fill our hours with mental, physical exertion, all governed by monetary values, responsibilities and personal pleasures.

We fill our minds with global media, applications of varying interests and kiss our children goodbye. Well established cycle, followed rigorously and blindly. Yes, we are all aware of it, all acknowledge its inevitability, and few reconcile to see it any other way. Our perceptions of time is something truly, fascinating.

Endless, like most subjects and stories, analyzed, told and sold many times over. All is new when learned, yet already existent. We know so much, yet understand so little.

Truly, what is time?

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