Friday, 4 April 2014

A brief short - A Penny for your Thoughts

A funny thing happened to me the other day.

Do you ever find yourself standing at a bus stop, snow blowing right into your face? And I mean right into your face. The scarf is not doing anything useful, that's for sure. Your hands are frozen, even though you have your brand new gloves on. I mean, come on, there aren't even any holes in them yet! Then there's the guy standing beside you at the stop. You know the one that's just wearing a sweater, jeans and sneakers because he thought he would catch the first bus that came by. He just has the one sweater on, and its winter. Winter! Come on. You keep glancing at him, seeing the anger building inside him as he waits for the bus and freezes to death. And you know when he constantly keeps checking the posted schedule for the bus? Like looking at will make the bus come faster. Seriously. You can hear him muttering under his breath, swearing at everything imaginable. I find it kind of funny, even though I share his frustration and impatience.  And of course, worst of all, the bus is late. Already five minutes. And because the bus is 5 minutes late, I'M going to be five minutes late for school. I mean, I'm a pretty patient guy. But when it comes to buses being late, I lose it. I can already hear Mrs. Teapots lecturing me about punctuality and all that junk. “But it wasn't my fault Miss! The bus, it was the bus!” I would argue with her. And what kind of name is Mrs. Teapots anyways? Come on.

The bus finally arrives. The guy next to me plows right in, yelling at the bus driver for a good three minutes, of course. I can already see first period Science fading away. I'll be at least 10 minutes late now. Can a late slip still get me into class then? Ah, whatever. I sit down at the closest seat. My hands slowly warm back up and I look around. The bus is not too packed, but I can already tell that the driver is as slow as my grandpa. And he's got this ridiculous moustache on his face. Seriously. He's driving slower than my sister on her bike, and half asleep too! Suddenly the traffic lights up ahead hit yellow. Any normal, and I mean normal, person would hit the pedal and drive through that yellow light. Maybe a little bit dangerous, but legal. Old man winter, of course, slams the breaks. All of us in the bus almost fly out of our seats. You can hear the groans of the other passengers. Red light. Another two minutes late now, that's for sure. Whatever. I look over to my right and spot this old lady staring me. And I mean really staring at me. Like she wants to look into my soul or something. Man, that's probably the most annoying thing that can happen to anyone. I can't stand it. So I stare right back at her. And one of those hard stares. Five seconds go by. Ten. She finally looks away. Hilarious. I love old grannies.

My eyes drift down to my feet, still covered in snow and salt. Winter always ruins my shoes. You know how it is. I suddenly notice a penny sitting right there on the ground. It looks clean, brand new. But it's only a penny. Can't buy anything with that. Everyone knows that. Right? I should be reading Chapter 10 of my Science text, but I can't stop looking at that damn penny. It's just sitting there. I wonder who will eventually pick it up? Will they keep it in their collection or use it right away at the nearest Tim Hortons? You know, when your bill is like $2 and one cent. Always comes in handy then. Like it was meant to be spent on those two donuts. But it's only a penny. I mean, if it was 25 cents, or even a dime, I would pick it up for sure. You can always use a dime. A nickel, not so much. But a dime, for sure. Everyone knows that. We're almost at the bus station and I'm still looking at the penny. No one in the bus has made a move on it yet. Why should they? Unless they believe in that superstitious mumbo jumbo. You know the phrase: “Find a penny, pick it up, and for the rest of the day you'll have luck!” Does that actually work? I've never really tried it. Not like I'm going to. The bus slowly crawls into the bus station. The doors open and the people pile out. I slowly stand up and line up behind the last guy waiting to get out. Hey, maybe someone kicked the penny away by accident! I mean, I don't really care. Just curious, that's all. Nothing wrong with that. It's just a penny after all. I look down. And there it is still, staring right back at me. Come on, it's like it was meant to be. Who knows when it'll come in handy? At the last second, I glance quickly around to make sure no one's looking and swiftly swipe the penny, right into my pocket. Oh be quiet. You know you would have done the same thing.

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